Abraham Wolke

Rocker Spirits


Rocker Spirits

Strategic research, concept design & rendering

DSC_0015+(1) (1).jpeg

First meeting with client

Our entire team met with the client during their first in-person meeting at O-I Headquarters in Toldeo Ohio. They brought the vintage oil can that inspired the bottle concept and we plastered the walls with our pre-meeting design research so that we could quickly point to different visual cues and hone in on the exact essence of what they were looking for in their bottle design. 

bottle rock gif.gif

Bottle Render/animation

Using Alias AutoStudio and Keyshot, I created a render of the final bottle profile and animated the rocking motion to help the client visualize the final product before moving into mold-making and manufacturing samples.


Bottle Rock - final product

The final product rocks smoothly forward, with the heavy glass foot on the back end of the bottle acting as a counterweight to pull it back into an upright position.