Abraham Wolke
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Rocker Spirits


Rocker Spirits

Design research, concept design, 3D modeling & animation

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The Wildfire Initiative is a wellness collective based in Los Angeles consisting of 4 core founders and a vibrant community from coast-to-coast. With a focus on cultivating self-awareness Wildfire blends practices from across disciplines like Yoga and Qigong in a modern form more reminiscent of bio-hacking— offering a toolkit of modern training for the mind, body, and spirit.

Rather than appropriate existing symbolism as is common among yoga studios and other wellness brands, we decided that a symbol with no existing meaning would allow us to create a much more iconic brand, free from symbolic baggage. I developed the symbol, along with copywriting, flyers, animations, and any other graphic or digital elements needed for brand expansion, including events and press. 

You can view more at www.thewildfireinitiative.com

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