Abraham Wolke
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RBI Solar


RBI Solar

Graphic Design , 3D Modeling & Structural Assemblies

To date RBI Solar has been one of my favorite companies to work with. They're a young, rapidly expanding business which requires high levels of ingenuity and adaptability to complete projects for all facets of the business. During my time working with RBI Solar I created interfaces for in-house iOS apps, Powerpoint templates, business cards, 3D models and installation manuals for structural solar canopies, ads and animated banners for print and web, as well as updating website content and design elements as needed.

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Rough Brothers, Inc. is the sister company of RBI Solar. I worked extensively with the shared marketing team to develop banners, ads and various marketing materials for B2B purposes as needed. 

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When RBI Solar acquired Protek Park, I worked closely with the design and engineering teams to update the canopy structures to fit RBI Solar's standard manufacturing processes. I created new 3D models and put together installation guides for multiple standard canopy products. 

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