Abraham Wolke
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Building a product line, brand, and audience from scratch

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We created the initial formulations in a home kitchen. The goal from the beginning was to create a clean, whole-foods based protein bar that didn't sacrifice on either ingredient quality or macro-nutrient profile. After researching ingredient and market trends, hemp protein became the obvious keystone that would allow us to create such a product. Not only that, but with the growth of the legal, US cannabis industry and the plant protein food category, hemp was gaining rapid traction for it's incredible nutritional profile and sustainable properties. 


First move

After a year of brand development we launched a test run with a few thousand bars in preliminary packaging to feel out the market and gather feedback. I relocated to Los Angeles to be onsite for our co-packer and build relationships in the health/wellness community. 



Mock two

We gathered lots of good feedback and saw the growth potential with our test run. Taking that information back to the drawing board we upgraded the packaging and brand, tweaked formulations, and developed a new flavor. 


New brand deserves a new website! We initially tried outsourcing the development through Fiverr, but ended up doing most of the development myself after being unsatisfied with the level of attention to design details. 


At this point we've just relaunched. We're primarily targeting influencer marketing, social media ads, and are expanding into some strategic retail locations on the East and West coast. I manage the eCommerce, manufacturing operations and marketing. Please check out www.hempletenutrition.com for the latest information about our products!